PearBunny Does It Herself – Chalkboard Paint Wine Glasses

I think I might be well on my way to developing a Pinterest addiction. There are so many things on there that are beautiful to look at! Great craft ideas, home improvement projects, art, menu planning, gift ideas, etc! One of the more popular things I’ve seen on there are things with chalkboard paint. I have good friends that enjoy a glass of wine here and there. They also happen to enjoy having people over so I made them chalkboard paint wineglasses. I think chalkboards are fun so you might see more chalkboard paint projects from me in the future.

This was a fairly cheap craft project, which was very nice. I don’t know about you but I don’t always have a large budget to work with. I did approximate the cost of the supplies just because the price will most likely be slightly higher or lower depending on where you live, if the supplies were on sale, a coupon is used, or if you already have some of the supplies, etc.

Wineglasses ($5) – Mine came in a pack of 4 from Walmart.
Chalkboard paint ($3) – Hubby picked up a spray can for me at Home Depot. If you get a paint can instead be sure to pick up brushes.
Tape (free) – I found a roll of blue painters tape in the garage. Any non-residue leaving tape will work.
Plastic grocery bags (free) – From the last time we went grocery shopping. Paper grocery bags, butcher paper, newspaper, anything that you can put over the glass to keep the bits you want paint free.
Chalk ($1) – I got it at Office Depot. I picked the traditional white, but colored chalk would be fun.

Total Cost: $9

Time Involved:
24 hours.

I first took my glasses out of the box and washed them with hot soapy water to remove any residue they might have. I set the box aside so I could use it to package the glasses again when I was done. Once the classes were dry I had to choose where exactly I wanted the paint to go. I chose to do the entire stem. The only bit that needs paint is the part people will be writing their names on but I thought it made the glasses look more professionally done to include the stem. Now that I knew where I wanted the paint I started taping.


Be sure the tape is air tight right around the edge of the glass. If not little bits of the spray paint will get under the tape and it’ll have to be scraped off once its dry. The wine glass is round so I ended up tearing little pieces of tape and laying them on top of each other so the tape laid flat.



Once I had the initial taping done I took my grocery bag and folded it around the glass. I taped the open edges and folded the excess into the inside of the wineglass. Now the only bit of my glass that was exposed was the stem and base, the parts I was going to spray with the chalkboard paint.


I had to set up the painting station outside because that is the most ventilated area I had. If you purchase a paint can you could probably do this part inside. Follow the directions on whatever product you get. We have an old folding table that has been spray painted on before so I didn’t need to lay a protective covering on it. If you don’t have newspapers you could use a trash bag and once the paint is try the bag can still be used.

(At this point I forgot to take pictures as I went, sorry guys!)

Be sure to stand upwind from what you are spraying the can at! The spray will get on anything downwind from it. I chose to pick each glass up and spray it while holding it. I found that was the easiest way for me to get an even coat on the glass. Be ye warned, this will get paint on your hands! Try to do thin layers. If the paint is too thick it will run, ruining the smooth finish. It took me 3 coats to get the look I wanted. More or less coats might be needed depending on what you’re looking to get.

Once you’ve coated the glass to the consistency you want set the glasses aside in a dry place they will be undisturbed in for about 24 hours. Once 24 hours is up you can carefully peal the tape and covering off. Be sure to inspect each glass and gently scrape off any random paint that did get through the tape. I just used my thumb nail.

Now you have to season the chalk paint! Take one of your chalk sticks and color in sections of the chalk board on the wineglasses then wipe off with a dry paper towel. The chalk board paint will now look, well, slightly chalky.

Last step is to put the glasses back in their box and wrap it up! Be sure and include a note letting the new owners know that the glasses aren’t dishwasher safe anymore. Getting the chalkboard paint wet might cause it to flake off.

I’m very tempted to get another set of wine glasses and repeat this whole process so that I can have as set too. I might even get a different color for the chalkboard paint! They have all kinds nowadays.