Gettin’ Friendly

I hope everyone’s New Year is progressing wonderfully and as planned!

As promised here is the post with a little more detail in whats going on with my life. Of course, if there’s any questions please leave them in the comment section below!

As I stated in my first post I have been overweight for the majority of my life, which is a goodly portion as I’m 30. As a child I was slightly chubby, as some children just are. My parents tried to help me make wise food decisions when I got older and remained chubby, but by that time I was old enough to make many food decisions on my own and, shall we say, they weren’t wise at all.

I’m currently weighing in at 296lbs. This down from about 310lbs so I am making progress at a safe pace, even if I feel it’s too slow. Instant isn’t a thing in regards to weight loss for me. It’s unfortunate I cant just unzip and step out of it. It did take me my entire life to get here and hopefully it’ll take less time than that to get rid of it! I’m looking to lose slightly over 100lbs.

The approximate 14lbs I’ve lost so far have been because of diet change. I have yet to start excising as I was trying to get the whole eating better thing down before adding more into the mix. I’m planning on walking at first. I would like to eventually start running but the last time I did that I really hurt one of my feet so I’m a little timid to do that again. I did one of the worst rookie mistakes, I pushed too hard too soon.

I was originally on a slew of medications for my diabetes. My hubby and I are trying to conceive and many of those medications will cause birth defects. My Dr. advised me that once I got a positive pregnancy test we would look into alternate medications but it made me too nervous and I would stop taking them weeks at a time. My Dr saw how nervous I was about that so she switched me to insulin and metformin. I also take a vitamin and a folic acid supplement. I do occasionally take additional supplements on a weekly basis as the metformin gives me diarrhea, and sometimes it’s painful. For most people this side effect goes away after several days. For me it’s an ongoing issue I’ve discussed with my Dr.

We currently rent a room from my In-Laws. While I would enjoy having out own place I also love living with my In-Laws. I’m very lucky that they love me, I them, and that we get along. We’ve all heard those horror stories in regards to that. We do occasionally don’t see eye to eye but that is part of being human. Hopefully, some time soon, we will have two rooms with them. I’m planning on making one a living/family room type space and the other a bedroom space. I also like to help around the house and generally participate in family life by making dinner.

I currently have five animals. I have a dog, Beethoven, a cat, Evil Genius, and three rabbits, Gravy, Biscuits, and Special Sauce. Beethoven is a Shih Tzu and is an older gentleman at almost 14 years. Evil Genius is  much younger at about 2 years old. She is a Siamese mix of some sort. Gravy is a California, Biscuits is a Rex, and Special Sauce is their baby (who happens to be larger than both of them!). All are spayed/neutered with the exception of the rabbits.

I currently work as a technical support agent for one of the clients my company contracts with. They are located in San Francisco, but I’m lucky enough to be able to work out of my home. Currently out of a small storage space my Father In Law converted into an office for me :). Hubby just finished getting his CNA license so is in the process of finding a career in that field. He already has quite a bit of experience in it as he has been a day time care provider for a young paraplegic man for the last 5 years or so.

No one knows what the future holds for them but I’m hoping for a really good year! I hope everyone has a wonderful week and I’ll see ya’all this Monday!


Hello World!

Hello readers! My name is Amber! This post is a general introduction to me and why I’m here. This is also my very first blog. I’ve tried a couple things here this last year and now i’m back to try again. Hopefully this time it sticks, lol! I’ve a friend that blogs regularly (check her out! She’s cool beans! She gave me the extra push I needed to start! I’m also planning on making some YouTube videos, I’ll keep you posted on when I get started on that.

Why did I choose the name Pear Bunny? My last name means “pear tree” or “farmer of pears”. I can’t remember which; either way “pear” is in there somewhere. Plus, pears are some of my favorite fruit. I picked bunny because I have several. Why I have more than one will be the subject of a different post. I intend to use this blog as a public journal chronicling the struggles and triumphs during the journey of life. A big part of my life right now is my health.

I have struggled with being overweight for most of my life. I have even had some success with it too. One time I was able to diet my way down 100lbs. Of course, I gained it all back, plus! I never considered anything I did to be a lifestyle change. It was just a short term fix, and like most short term fixes, it didn’t continue to work after awhile. After many years of trying I just gave up. I figured I was meant to be larger and so long as I remained healthy I would be fine. This was pure laziness on my part. I am ashamed of it but there isn’t any use crying over spilt milk.

I’m very much paying for it now because I’m type 2 diabetic. I was diagnosed January 2013. I’m not struggling as badly now to take my meds. Before it was like I was trying to pull my own teeth to make myself take them. While it is my fault that I need them, there is no shame in taking them so long as I continue to try to be healthier.

I tried most fad diets. I tried celebrity diets. I tried having an accountability buddy. Several accountability buddies, actually, ranging from family members, friends, and people at the church I was attending at the time. I tried doing an exercise and diet program with a friend. I’ve looked into having surgery to deal with my weight. I never did the surgery, and I think that it will be the very last thing I try. Its more invasive than I’m comfortable with at this time.

I think that I wasn’t able to consistently keep the weight off is because I wanted to be thin. I told myself I was doing it to be healthy but I really wasn’t. I wanted to be what the fashion magazines said was beautiful. When I couldn’t do it I would get depressed for months at a time. There wasn’t any point in continuing to try, I couldn’t make myself look like that, and I will never look like that, that’s not the body type I have.

I will never be thin like most beauty magazines say is beautiful. I’m very tall, nearly 6’. Narrow of hip and wide of shoulder, sturdy, I wont have the wonderful curves the magazines say is a good alternative. But I can be healthy. I’m asking you, my readers, to journey with me on my journey through life and my quest for health. I might not be successful at times, but maybe, by falling down and getting up again, I can help you too.