Arts and Crafts

I think I’m going to start painting again. I used to do a lot of drawing and when I painted I used primarily watercolors. I think I’ll focus on acrylic this time. When I moved to Orange County I had a little bag full of paints and it’s been so long (nearly 3 years) that I don’t know where they are anymore.

I always enjoyed doing art stuff growing up but never took any formal lessons until I was in high-school.. My Mom finally got tired of trying to get me to practice piano. She told me that I could pick the extracurricular activity, she would pay for lessons and I would pay for supplies. So I picked art. I ended up taking lessons with Mrs. Gilbert, a woman from my church at the time. They ended up moving to Arizona several years after I stopped taking lessons. I can neither confirm or deny crying when they went.

I’m not entirely sure why I stopped in the first place. I haven’t painted in years and I think I’m less for it. I’m very out of practice but when I start up again I’ll show you what I’m up to, regardless of whether I think it’s good or not, lol!

What crafty things have ya’all gotten yourselves into? Share in the comments below!


New Years Resolutions!

How about those New Year’s resolutions? Hopefully ya’all are sticking to them! In the past mine start to fall apart about now and die slow sad deaths over the next several months. So far I’ve been doing pretty well and I really want my resolutions to stick this year so I’ve decided I’m going to change the way I do them.

My new year’s resolutions were always good resolutions but far too vague for me to really follow up on. “Be healthier” or “love myself” are really good resolutions. Some people are blessed with the ability to take those vague but excellent resolutions and run with them. I, however, am not blessed in such a way. I end up asking myself “Now what?” and being at a loss. Then New Years comes around again and I’ve not done anything with the last set of resolutions I’ve made. This year I still have those vague goals but this time I also made several very specific goals relating to the them. I’m going to work on three of them at a time and when I get those three down then I’ll go to the next three, etc. until the vague goal is accomplished. It may be helpful to have a set date that the specific goals need to be accomplished by. I don’t know if I will do that, just because in the past setting a deadline sometimes was helpful and sometimes just causes me allot of stress and anxiety.

I am a very forgetful person. Just cleaning the other day I found a slew of unfinished projects that I just didn’t remember I had started – 3 quilt tops, 6 art projects, and 2 crochet pieces. I’m sure as I continue cleaning I’ll find more! I want to remember the resolutions I’ve made this year, especially the small goals I’ve set to get those resolutions done, so I’ve placed reminders in the places I most frequent. In my case, my bedroom, bathroom, and office. I suggest the reminders be pleasant to look at. Doodle on them, use pretty paper, paint them, make a shape out of sticky notes, something that will draw the eye so the reminder actually reminds.

Pamper yourself while you’re doing this! Doing New Year’s resolutions shouldn’t be a punishment, it should make you pleased that you are doing something to better yourself. In my case I’ve made myself a little rewards chart. When I accomplish the goal I’ve set I mark it off and get the corresponding treat. In the past I’ve always used a food based reward system. I’m trying to change the way I see and utilize food. I’m an emotional eater, when I’m sad or bored I want to eat something. I really don’t want that to just switch to something I do when I celebrate. I put things like manicure, pedicure, special candle, etc. What you pick and the time/goal increment is entirely up to you and whatever your budget allows. If you have a significant other talk to them about it. They might have some really good ideas :).

Forming habits is easy, getting rid of the ones you don’t want and replacing it with a good habit is very hard, especially when you try to go it alone. Some people are able or prefer to work on this sort of thing by themselves. I like to have some one do these things with me. I have an easier time making more of an effort if I know that I have some one trying too. If this is something you find you need there are online communities you can look to on social media or elsewhere. If you want an in person buddy look to your friends or significant others. Perhaps your school or church has a club or group of people with similar goals as you. In my case I have family members, my hubby, and ya’all :).

Whatever you’ve decided your New Year’s resolutions are I hope this next year brings you immense luck and happiness! Share some of your tips and tricks for keeping and succeeding in your goals in the comments below! See you Wednesday!