Arts and Crafts

I think I’m going to start painting again. I used to do a lot of drawing and when I painted I used primarily watercolors. I think I’ll focus on acrylic this time. When I moved to Orange County I had a little bag full of paints and it’s been so long (nearly 3 years) that I don’t know where they are anymore.

I always enjoyed doing art stuff growing up but never took any formal lessons until I was in high-school.. My Mom finally got tired of trying to get me to practice piano. She told me that I could pick the extracurricular activity, she would pay for lessons and I would pay for supplies. So I picked art. I ended up taking lessons with Mrs. Gilbert, a woman from my church at the time. They ended up moving to Arizona several years after I stopped taking lessons. I can neither confirm or deny crying when they went.

I’m not entirely sure why I stopped in the first place. I haven’t painted in years and I think I’m less for it. I’m very out of practice but when I start up again I’ll show you what I’m up to, regardless of whether I think it’s good or not, lol!

What crafty things have ya’all gotten yourselves into? Share in the comments below!


Childhood Superstitions

What kept you up at night as a child? I’m sure that everyone has at least one interesting childhood superstition or belief. I really only have two that I remember with distinction, and my hubby really only had one he could remember. I asked my friends for theirs and got one to several from each of them. I really appreciate that each of my friends were willing to share!

When I was a little girl I used to think that if the fortune cookie didn’t get eaten the fortune wouldn’t come true. The ENTIRE cookie had to be eaten. My sister and I used to trade cookie halves if we liked each others fortunes. I no longer believe that the fortunes will come true, they are more like a fun thing to read now, but I still find myself eating the entire cookie if I like the fortune. One of my friends used to believe that if they kept the fortune slip with them when they left the restaurant it made the fortune invalid.

One of my other childhood superstitions was that I thought that my stuffed animals and dolls would watch me while I was sleeping. I was also afraid that they would judge me but I was too young to know what that particular feeling was at the time. I would turn them away from me, cover them in clothing/blankets, or stash them in the closet. The one exception was a small gray rabbit plushie named Tilly, I slept with her every night. I’m still sad that I no longer have her. A friend told me she used to be extra nice to her stuffed animals, and make others be nice too, so they didn’t come to life and kill any one.

One of my hubby’s childhood superstitions is that if he got any soap in his mouth he would get the runs. Any at all, even the bubbles. His little kid logic was that soap is slippery so would cause everything to slip out. I’m sure that if one were to eat soap they would probably get the runs. Though I’m not willing to test it and I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be because it made your insides slippery :).

Lifting feet while going over bridges to prevent the bridge from falling down, not stepping on cracks so our mother’s backs didn’t break, and holding breath while going through tunnels for wishes seem to be universally held with myself and my friends when I asked around.

Other childhood superstitions my friends gave me were varied. Having feet over the crack between the bed and the wall would cause bad things to happen. Standing in a doorway at midnight may cause you to become haunted. Handing salt to a friend may cause the relationship to become salty, so it is to be placed on the table in front of them. Blessing some one when they sneeze prevents the Devil from taking their soul. Falling stars being aliens and the government/s covering them up. These are just a few of the responses I got when I asked my friends for theirs.

Some of the one’s I found creepy was one of my friend’s Mom would tell her kids if they messed with the mushrooms on the side of the road the fairies that lived there would come get them while they were sleeping and they would have to live the rest of their lives with them in fairy land. One of my other friend’s Mom told one of her grandsons that if he ever wandered away from her in public the clowns would come and suck the flesh from his fingers, leaving only the bones. Per my friend that kid is still terrified of clowns even though he is now an older teenager.

Superstitions run the gamut and I find it really interesting (in a good way!) what people believe and why. We are all very different but I’ve noticed some of our fears and superstitions are the same. I think many childhood superstitions carry over into adulthood. I, of course, cant speak for any carry over for my friends but I refuse to have any dolls or stuffed animals out at night even though I know they are just toys. One can’t take too many precautions.