Tabletop RPGs

Firstly a definition. RPG stands for role playing game. Tabletop means it’s done the old fashioned way with paper, pencils, and dice. There are also online RPGs and a type of RPG that you get into costume and act out your character, which is called LARP (live action role playing). If you couldn’t tell from the title of this post this is specifically referring to the tabletop RPGs. Several different components go into playing the games.

There is the gaming group: The group of people you are playing the game with.
The Dungeon Master (DM), Game Master (GM), Storyteller (ST), etc: The person in the group that is running the game. They create the story the group works through, any fights or adventures the group has, the rewards or loot/treasures the characters find, etc. What they are actually called depends on the game.
The party: The characters created and run by the gaming group.
NPC: Non player character. These are created and run by the DM/GM/ST. Friendly villager number 6, the shop keeper, Troll Chief number 2, etc.

There are rules for how it works. How much damage did your sword do? What is the blast radius of the bomb? Did the fires it start cause continuing damage to yourself and your party? All these things are determined by the rules of the game and a roll of the dice. Sort of like the physics of the world the game is set in. These games can be very flexible. It all depends on the person running the game and what their run style is. I’ve mostly had Gms/DMs/STs that wanted to accomplish a specific game experience and to do so they had to modify the game for what they were going for, a sort of bending of the rules. There are some that are hard core, stick with how the game was designed, Gms/DMs/Sts and if that’s how you like to play then go for it. Both ways can be incredibly fun.

There are many games to choose from. Dungeons & Dragons, often shortened to D&D, Iron Kingdoms, there’s a Star Wars one out there, etc. Occasionally a game system will put out a different edition. This is where they’ve modified some of the rules, added new, taken out rules that don’t work,etc. Hubby is currently putting together a short trial of the 5th edition of D&D. I’m looking forward to trying it, 5th edition seems to have a short turn length.

Time between turns is my biggest peeve with RPGs. I like it to be wham bam thank you ma’am and then its my turn again. Keeps things interesting for me. If the turn time is too long I get bored. I’m not a strategic person and if the other people in my gaming group sit there and discus strategy for 20 minutes before making a move I’m going to wander off and find something to do. For people that like to do that sort of thing that is the highlight of the playing experience for them. I am often left sitting there screaming in my head “just pick a @&$ @&#^@$ @!&$%@$&@%^@% plan and lets do this!”. I just don’t have the patience for that. Good thing this isn’t real life!

Now, if you try a table top RPG and didn’t like it try a different one. Still didn’t like it? The DM/GM/ST and the people in the group might be dampening your fun. Try a new DM/GM/ST or a different group. It might even be a single member in your group that annoys you. I have one where no mater which character he plays I don’t like it. It’s just his paying style. You can sometimes find groups by asking around your friends. You’d be surprised who plays. Sometimes comic book shops or stores that sell the gaming supplies host games. Be safe while searching for a new group, especially if you don’t know anyone in the new group personally.

My introduction to RPGs was through my hubby when we were still dating, three years ago. If less than zero experience was a thing that’s how much experience I had with it. I was nervous about it. What if I met all his friends and they were all those mouth breather socially awkward creepers that the television and movies I had watched depicted? I’m sure those types of people exist but I’ve yet to meet one. The entire group wasn’t any more or less socially awkward that the average individual.

I play these games mostly because I enjoy the company of the people that are playing with me. I was part of three gaming groups but ended up dropping down to just two. One group just got too large and bulky for me to enjoy it so I stopped going. I still rely heavily on my hubby to help me play. I’m not as into it as he is, but I’m getting better at it slowly. While I still have a preference for games like Sorry and Uno I really enjoy my time playing. It’s fun to blast that evil dragon into the infinite layers of the abyss, get some treasure then come back next week, and have another adventure.


PearBunny Does It Herself – Chalkboard Paint Wine Glasses

I think I might be well on my way to developing a Pinterest addiction. There are so many things on there that are beautiful to look at! Great craft ideas, home improvement projects, art, menu planning, gift ideas, etc! One of the more popular things I’ve seen on there are things with chalkboard paint. I have good friends that enjoy a glass of wine here and there. They also happen to enjoy having people over so I made them chalkboard paint wineglasses. I think chalkboards are fun so you might see more chalkboard paint projects from me in the future.

This was a fairly cheap craft project, which was very nice. I don’t know about you but I don’t always have a large budget to work with. I did approximate the cost of the supplies just because the price will most likely be slightly higher or lower depending on where you live, if the supplies were on sale, a coupon is used, or if you already have some of the supplies, etc.

Wineglasses ($5) – Mine came in a pack of 4 from Walmart.
Chalkboard paint ($3) – Hubby picked up a spray can for me at Home Depot. If you get a paint can instead be sure to pick up brushes.
Tape (free) – I found a roll of blue painters tape in the garage. Any non-residue leaving tape will work.
Plastic grocery bags (free) – From the last time we went grocery shopping. Paper grocery bags, butcher paper, newspaper, anything that you can put over the glass to keep the bits you want paint free.
Chalk ($1) – I got it at Office Depot. I picked the traditional white, but colored chalk would be fun.

Total Cost: $9

Time Involved:
24 hours.

I first took my glasses out of the box and washed them with hot soapy water to remove any residue they might have. I set the box aside so I could use it to package the glasses again when I was done. Once the classes were dry I had to choose where exactly I wanted the paint to go. I chose to do the entire stem. The only bit that needs paint is the part people will be writing their names on but I thought it made the glasses look more professionally done to include the stem. Now that I knew where I wanted the paint I started taping.


Be sure the tape is air tight right around the edge of the glass. If not little bits of the spray paint will get under the tape and it’ll have to be scraped off once its dry. The wine glass is round so I ended up tearing little pieces of tape and laying them on top of each other so the tape laid flat.



Once I had the initial taping done I took my grocery bag and folded it around the glass. I taped the open edges and folded the excess into the inside of the wineglass. Now the only bit of my glass that was exposed was the stem and base, the parts I was going to spray with the chalkboard paint.


I had to set up the painting station outside because that is the most ventilated area I had. If you purchase a paint can you could probably do this part inside. Follow the directions on whatever product you get. We have an old folding table that has been spray painted on before so I didn’t need to lay a protective covering on it. If you don’t have newspapers you could use a trash bag and once the paint is try the bag can still be used.

(At this point I forgot to take pictures as I went, sorry guys!)

Be sure to stand upwind from what you are spraying the can at! The spray will get on anything downwind from it. I chose to pick each glass up and spray it while holding it. I found that was the easiest way for me to get an even coat on the glass. Be ye warned, this will get paint on your hands! Try to do thin layers. If the paint is too thick it will run, ruining the smooth finish. It took me 3 coats to get the look I wanted. More or less coats might be needed depending on what you’re looking to get.

Once you’ve coated the glass to the consistency you want set the glasses aside in a dry place they will be undisturbed in for about 24 hours. Once 24 hours is up you can carefully peal the tape and covering off. Be sure to inspect each glass and gently scrape off any random paint that did get through the tape. I just used my thumb nail.

Now you have to season the chalk paint! Take one of your chalk sticks and color in sections of the chalk board on the wineglasses then wipe off with a dry paper towel. The chalk board paint will now look, well, slightly chalky.

Last step is to put the glasses back in their box and wrap it up! Be sure and include a note letting the new owners know that the glasses aren’t dishwasher safe anymore. Getting the chalkboard paint wet might cause it to flake off.

I’m very tempted to get another set of wine glasses and repeat this whole process so that I can have as set too. I might even get a different color for the chalkboard paint! They have all kinds nowadays.

Gettin’ Friendly

I hope everyone’s New Year is progressing wonderfully and as planned!

As promised here is the post with a little more detail in whats going on with my life. Of course, if there’s any questions please leave them in the comment section below!

As I stated in my first post I have been overweight for the majority of my life, which is a goodly portion as I’m 30. As a child I was slightly chubby, as some children just are. My parents tried to help me make wise food decisions when I got older and remained chubby, but by that time I was old enough to make many food decisions on my own and, shall we say, they weren’t wise at all.

I’m currently weighing in at 296lbs. This down from about 310lbs so I am making progress at a safe pace, even if I feel it’s too slow. Instant isn’t a thing in regards to weight loss for me. It’s unfortunate I cant just unzip and step out of it. It did take me my entire life to get here and hopefully it’ll take less time than that to get rid of it! I’m looking to lose slightly over 100lbs.

The approximate 14lbs I’ve lost so far have been because of diet change. I have yet to start excising as I was trying to get the whole eating better thing down before adding more into the mix. I’m planning on walking at first. I would like to eventually start running but the last time I did that I really hurt one of my feet so I’m a little timid to do that again. I did one of the worst rookie mistakes, I pushed too hard too soon.

I was originally on a slew of medications for my diabetes. My hubby and I are trying to conceive and many of those medications will cause birth defects. My Dr. advised me that once I got a positive pregnancy test we would look into alternate medications but it made me too nervous and I would stop taking them weeks at a time. My Dr saw how nervous I was about that so she switched me to insulin and metformin. I also take a vitamin and a folic acid supplement. I do occasionally take additional supplements on a weekly basis as the metformin gives me diarrhea, and sometimes it’s painful. For most people this side effect goes away after several days. For me it’s an ongoing issue I’ve discussed with my Dr.

We currently rent a room from my In-Laws. While I would enjoy having out own place I also love living with my In-Laws. I’m very lucky that they love me, I them, and that we get along. We’ve all heard those horror stories in regards to that. We do occasionally don’t see eye to eye but that is part of being human. Hopefully, some time soon, we will have two rooms with them. I’m planning on making one a living/family room type space and the other a bedroom space. I also like to help around the house and generally participate in family life by making dinner.

I currently have five animals. I have a dog, Beethoven, a cat, Evil Genius, and three rabbits, Gravy, Biscuits, and Special Sauce. Beethoven is a Shih Tzu and is an older gentleman at almost 14 years. Evil Genius is  much younger at about 2 years old. She is a Siamese mix of some sort. Gravy is a California, Biscuits is a Rex, and Special Sauce is their baby (who happens to be larger than both of them!). All are spayed/neutered with the exception of the rabbits.

I currently work as a technical support agent for one of the clients my company contracts with. They are located in San Francisco, but I’m lucky enough to be able to work out of my home. Currently out of a small storage space my Father In Law converted into an office for me :). Hubby just finished getting his CNA license so is in the process of finding a career in that field. He already has quite a bit of experience in it as he has been a day time care provider for a young paraplegic man for the last 5 years or so.

No one knows what the future holds for them but I’m hoping for a really good year! I hope everyone has a wonderful week and I’ll see ya’all this Monday!

New Years Resolutions!

How about those New Year’s resolutions? Hopefully ya’all are sticking to them! In the past mine start to fall apart about now and die slow sad deaths over the next several months. So far I’ve been doing pretty well and I really want my resolutions to stick this year so I’ve decided I’m going to change the way I do them.

My new year’s resolutions were always good resolutions but far too vague for me to really follow up on. “Be healthier” or “love myself” are really good resolutions. Some people are blessed with the ability to take those vague but excellent resolutions and run with them. I, however, am not blessed in such a way. I end up asking myself “Now what?” and being at a loss. Then New Years comes around again and I’ve not done anything with the last set of resolutions I’ve made. This year I still have those vague goals but this time I also made several very specific goals relating to the them. I’m going to work on three of them at a time and when I get those three down then I’ll go to the next three, etc. until the vague goal is accomplished. It may be helpful to have a set date that the specific goals need to be accomplished by. I don’t know if I will do that, just because in the past setting a deadline sometimes was helpful and sometimes just causes me allot of stress and anxiety.

I am a very forgetful person. Just cleaning the other day I found a slew of unfinished projects that I just didn’t remember I had started – 3 quilt tops, 6 art projects, and 2 crochet pieces. I’m sure as I continue cleaning I’ll find more! I want to remember the resolutions I’ve made this year, especially the small goals I’ve set to get those resolutions done, so I’ve placed reminders in the places I most frequent. In my case, my bedroom, bathroom, and office. I suggest the reminders be pleasant to look at. Doodle on them, use pretty paper, paint them, make a shape out of sticky notes, something that will draw the eye so the reminder actually reminds.

Pamper yourself while you’re doing this! Doing New Year’s resolutions shouldn’t be a punishment, it should make you pleased that you are doing something to better yourself. In my case I’ve made myself a little rewards chart. When I accomplish the goal I’ve set I mark it off and get the corresponding treat. In the past I’ve always used a food based reward system. I’m trying to change the way I see and utilize food. I’m an emotional eater, when I’m sad or bored I want to eat something. I really don’t want that to just switch to something I do when I celebrate. I put things like manicure, pedicure, special candle, etc. What you pick and the time/goal increment is entirely up to you and whatever your budget allows. If you have a significant other talk to them about it. They might have some really good ideas :).

Forming habits is easy, getting rid of the ones you don’t want and replacing it with a good habit is very hard, especially when you try to go it alone. Some people are able or prefer to work on this sort of thing by themselves. I like to have some one do these things with me. I have an easier time making more of an effort if I know that I have some one trying too. If this is something you find you need there are online communities you can look to on social media or elsewhere. If you want an in person buddy look to your friends or significant others. Perhaps your school or church has a club or group of people with similar goals as you. In my case I have family members, my hubby, and ya’all :).

Whatever you’ve decided your New Year’s resolutions are I hope this next year brings you immense luck and happiness! Share some of your tips and tricks for keeping and succeeding in your goals in the comments below! See you Wednesday!

Hello World!

Hello readers! My name is Amber! This post is a general introduction to me and why I’m here. This is also my very first blog. I’ve tried a couple things here this last year and now i’m back to try again. Hopefully this time it sticks, lol! I’ve a friend that blogs regularly (check her out! She’s cool beans! She gave me the extra push I needed to start! I’m also planning on making some YouTube videos, I’ll keep you posted on when I get started on that.

Why did I choose the name Pear Bunny? My last name means “pear tree” or “farmer of pears”. I can’t remember which; either way “pear” is in there somewhere. Plus, pears are some of my favorite fruit. I picked bunny because I have several. Why I have more than one will be the subject of a different post. I intend to use this blog as a public journal chronicling the struggles and triumphs during the journey of life. A big part of my life right now is my health.

I have struggled with being overweight for most of my life. I have even had some success with it too. One time I was able to diet my way down 100lbs. Of course, I gained it all back, plus! I never considered anything I did to be a lifestyle change. It was just a short term fix, and like most short term fixes, it didn’t continue to work after awhile. After many years of trying I just gave up. I figured I was meant to be larger and so long as I remained healthy I would be fine. This was pure laziness on my part. I am ashamed of it but there isn’t any use crying over spilt milk.

I’m very much paying for it now because I’m type 2 diabetic. I was diagnosed January 2013. I’m not struggling as badly now to take my meds. Before it was like I was trying to pull my own teeth to make myself take them. While it is my fault that I need them, there is no shame in taking them so long as I continue to try to be healthier.

I tried most fad diets. I tried celebrity diets. I tried having an accountability buddy. Several accountability buddies, actually, ranging from family members, friends, and people at the church I was attending at the time. I tried doing an exercise and diet program with a friend. I’ve looked into having surgery to deal with my weight. I never did the surgery, and I think that it will be the very last thing I try. Its more invasive than I’m comfortable with at this time.

I think that I wasn’t able to consistently keep the weight off is because I wanted to be thin. I told myself I was doing it to be healthy but I really wasn’t. I wanted to be what the fashion magazines said was beautiful. When I couldn’t do it I would get depressed for months at a time. There wasn’t any point in continuing to try, I couldn’t make myself look like that, and I will never look like that, that’s not the body type I have.

I will never be thin like most beauty magazines say is beautiful. I’m very tall, nearly 6’. Narrow of hip and wide of shoulder, sturdy, I wont have the wonderful curves the magazines say is a good alternative. But I can be healthy. I’m asking you, my readers, to journey with me on my journey through life and my quest for health. I might not be successful at times, but maybe, by falling down and getting up again, I can help you too.